Saturday, May 14, 2011

Retire to Cuenca? Today I'm ready!

As I mentioned several blogs ago, the main purpose of our visit this time to Cuenca is to help us decide if this is where we want to retire and enjoy what are euphemistically called our "golden years." Today the decision seems to simple; it was a beautiful day, we enjoyed great food, and we connected with numerous gringos and one local who strongly encouraged us to hang it up,drop out of the rat-race of Southern California, and start a new life here. Problem is, things don't seem so clear when I get back to Orange County, pick up the phone to call a Realtor, and seriously consider giving up my clinical practice.

For those of you in the same dilemma, I share our day with you. Met some new friends (Gringos who moved here about one year ago from las Vegas) for lunch at the newly remodeled Hotel Cuenca in the historic district of town.  Each of us had delicious chicken soup, a plate of two pork chops, rice, tomato and green and yellow squash, hominy, and a desert of fresh pineapple.Also included was a nice fresh pear juice.Cost? Only $5 each which included great conversation and many useful survival tips from this experienced couple.

We then wondered around for awhile, finding one of many DVD stores. We bought two DVDs (which play in English down here) for $3 for entertainment when we get back to our condo.

Then, it was time for my Spanish lesson. Signed up at a school called Simon Bolivar in the historic district (corner of Luis Cordero and Gran Columbia). I plan on taking lessons two hours a day for five days a week for three weeks. I get INDIVIDUAL lessons from a very qualified bi-lingual person for $8 per hour. In Orange County, a Spanish tutor costs at least $50 per hour for individual instruction. Look out my Spanish-speaking friends in Orange County: I'll now know it if you are saying bad things about me in Spanish!

After the lesson, it was time for Pam and I to visit a local friend that we met when we were here last time: Alberto Ordonez who is a lifeline for gringos here in Cuenca. He broke out the bourbon and the "catch-up" began.Several other gringos stopped by to say hello to Alberto and his mother who own and operate Casa Ordonez bed and breakfast.

Then, it was time to return to our mini penthouse apartment, watch a DVD, and marvel at the beautiful mountain scenery that surrounds us.

Today I could see retiring here.......

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