Sunday, May 15, 2011

Incredible Free Concerts in Cuenca and more....

Last Friday night we attended a live concert presented by the Orquesta Sinfonica De Cuenca (Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca). It was marvelous! And it was FREE! The concert hall was small (holds about 700 people) but very modern. The concert featured world-class musicians including Andrea Baccheti on the piano and Domenico Nordio on the violin.They played Bach. Then, the orchestra played a Brahms symphony that brought the audience (both gringos and locals) to its feet.

Pam and I aren't into classical music that much, but this was outstanding. And the price was right! I don't know how they can present such quality programs to the community for free, but my understanding is that this happens frequently, as Cuencanos value cultural presentations. There are four universities here, several with music departments, so I guess one would expect a lot of culture in a "college town."

But culture here is not only classical. Last night we attended a one-year celebration of the opening of a local restaurant called The California Kitchen. After a fabulous dinner, we were treated to Salsa dancing by a professional troop. Sexy. Exciting. Nice. We didn't have the energy to try it ourselves, but I have to confess we were thinking about it.

As is usually the case here, we met many expats from the United States who now live here. including a retired airline pilot who now flies private jets for Warren Buffet. Everyone we talked to encouraged us to move here, as they love it.(I guess the ones who don't have already moved back). Some buy property, others rent. All say that a big "draw" is the support of the gringo community as compared to expats in other retirement locations such as Panama. Because almost everybody is retired, people can put a lot more energy into relationships than is possible when involved in "the rat race" which means the working world. By the way, many of the "retired people" are surprisingly in their 40's and 50's. Some do start new businesses down here while others just enjoy life.

UPDATE on Pam's health since her visit to the Shaman. as reported in my last blog: Today she is feeling great! Coincidence????? Stay tuned!

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